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The Collection, Lincoln
15 Sep 07 – 16 Dec 07

Sainsbury Centre
for Visual Arts

30 Jan – 24 Jun 07

Norwich Castle
Museum & Art Gallery

3 Feb – 15 Apr 07

Film and Video Umbrella

Arts Council
Drawing upon the profound sense of place of the landscape of East Anglia, ‘Waterlog’ is a multi-faceted exhibition project featuring a series of specially-commissioned works by some of Britain’s most compelling contemporary artists. Composed of a series of actual and imaginary journeys, ‘Waterlog’ also invokes the digressive literary style of the German-born writer W.G. Sebald, whose books, such ‘The Rings of Saturn’, offer vivid reflections on the history and geography of the region he made his home before his untimely death in 2001.

As well as an introduction to the exhibition, this website provides detailed information on the artists and their works, and the opportunity to participate in one of the projects. In moving through the site, the visitor can discover further areas of interest relating to the cultural and natural history of the region, and can also contribute to our dedicated ‘Waterlog’ weblog.

‘Waterlog’ has been conceived and developed by Film and Video Umbrella, with the collaboration of Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery; The Collection, Lincoln; and the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia.

Download large print gallery guide here